Who We Are

The Gift of Life Foundation started with the vision of its founder, Diane Glenn, who in 2006 was diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the years the organization has raised thousands of dollars and made financial donations to many local and national partners such as the American Cancer Society, Levine Cancer Institute and Presbyterian Hospital Foundation to name a few. In addition, the organization provides assistance directly to cancer patients experiencing financial hardship due to a diagnosis. By sharing her story of hope and healing along with education awareness initiatives and advocacy, Diane and the foundation have reached thousands of women across all demographics, encouraging them to be proactive champions and advocates for their breast health and total wellness. We were on a roll with great momentum until tragedy struck on November 24, 2011. 

It was the Thanksgiving night when a phone call came that would change the course and trajectory of Diane and her family's life forever. She learned that her son Justin was tragically killed. Indeed a parent's worst nightmare. The devastating news rocked Diane to her core; she wasn't sure if or how she would survive, let alone lead the important work of the foundation. However, the Lord's plan remained certain and unchanged. The calling was clear and through determination, faith, love from many, and intense therapy, Diane emerged from tragedy stronger and more determined than ever to see God's plan through.

The result has been the continuation of support to those with cancer and a voluntary position as a Levine Breast Cancer advisory board member.  Diane continues to engage with her community through education and awareness events across the Charlotte area. Health equity and closing the disparity gap has also surfaced as a key objective. 

Other important initiatives on the horizon include attending to the mental health challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis and other traumatic life events. Diane is currently pursuing a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health counseling and plans to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina so that she can join the fight in helping those in need mental health support due to the devastation of cancer and other life events.  

Vision: To see people thrive, not just survive cancer and trauma.