In Memory


Dear Justin,

Although you are not here to celebrate life in the physical realm, we know you are here in spirit. As your mom, I feel you every single moment of every day. I know you are near and I praise God for giving me that.

The vision of the foundation and the gala can move forward because you were such an integral part and as a result, much of your legacy is tied to this. The other is tied to your two beautiful babies, JaBreah and Justin Glenn. You would want us as family, friends and community to continue making a difference in the lives of others and to impact the world if we can. So in honor of your life, not your death we celebrate The Gift of Life and recognize that it was God who has brought us back to this place.

Thank you our beloved Justin for loving us while you were here and for inspiring us all to live life intently, to love passionately and with a deeper expression of gratitude.

In your honor,

Mom, Dad and The Gift of Life Foundation